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Summer Term 2021


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 April 2021 



Welcome to the Summer Term and our exciting new topic! This topic is a  geographically themed one, entitled 'World'.


We will be looking at various destinations around our world beginning with looking at the different continent of the world we may travel to. We will be voyaging in art discovering the idea of 'Journeys'; touring America, researching, creating and tasting many of its food styles in DT  finding out about desert life in science as well as exploring areas of human and physical geography, from population and culture to mountains and rivers. This will be followed by a concentrated investigation of different aspects of the fascinating and flamboyant country of Spain, comparing it and European life, to life and the country of the United Kingdom.

In English, we are very excited as a class to be studying the text 'The Creakers' by Tom Fletcher.  The children have been on the edge of their seats as we have introduced the book and are keen and eager to read more! 


The Creakers: Fletcher, Tom, Devries, Shane, Devries, Shane:  Books


For more information about each subject area this term, please click on the link below to access and read this term’s Curriculum Letter.


Curriculum Letter Summer Term


Meet and Greet


 Please click on the link below to view the PowerPoint slides which will give you a variety of important information as your child moves into Year 3.

Meet and Greet 2020


Autumn Term 2020

'All The Fun Of The Fair!'

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Welcome back to school for all of you.  All of your adults in Year 3 are very excited to have you return to school for our exciting topic 'All The Fun Of The Fair'.  

The focus for the unit is science - we will be thinking about magnets, forces and electricity, linking this information to how fairground rides might work.  We will spend time working scientifically participating in investigations.  We will continue to explore the theme in P.E, DT and Art through the medium of dance, textiles and paintings of LS Lowry. Additionally, we will be learning about the history of fairgrounds and thinking in English about some of the foods that are there! 


Please click on the curriculum newsletter link below for more information.

Autumn Term 2020 - Curriculum Newsletter


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