National School Sports Week


Please join us the week (22nd June 2020) for National School Sports Week.  It is a chance to really focus on being active this week for the recommended 60 minutes a day.  Being active doesn't mean having to do a high energy sport, it is simpy getting up and moving.  CGS Outreach have organised our sports week so we can compete against other schools  Watch Twitter for their daily activities to try and think of some of your own.  Fill in the sheet below and send to Carres by taking a picture of it by the end of the week.  Lets get active Leasingham! 


Click here to download the form! 







Welcome to our sport page. Here you will find results from our regular competitions within the Carre's Outreach Competitions and the Sleaford and District Association fixtures. Also, don't forget to check our Twitter feed for regular updates of matches and sport across our school as well as individual class pages for updates on PE and year group activities.