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 Summer Term - Bright Sparks

Welcome back Winchester Class! Our topic this term is Bright Sparks. To find out more about what we will be doing, click the link below:

Summer Curriculum Letter


In History, we have been learning about The Great Fire of London. We thought about how it would feel to be in the fire and took some freeze frames of us stricking some poses. Miss Fryer then added us to our classroom display alongside the tudor houses we made and the Pollock inspired background.




In PE this term, we have been lucky enough to have Miss Collishaw from Carre's Outreach teaching us some gymnastics and dance. We are really enjoying our sessions and have learned lots of new skills!



In English, we have started our work on non-fiction texts to prepare for writing our own information text about The Great Fire of London. We explored the features of information texts and then used this knowledge to label non-fiction books with all the features we found. It was very exciting using Miss Fryer's post it notes!


 In RE, we are following the Understanding Christainity unit of Salvation. We have explored the panels on The Big Frieze and have investigated the story of Easter. Our task this week was to re-create some parts of the Easter story. Can you work out which parts we are showing?



Spring Term - Home and Away

Click on the newsletter below to see what we will be getting up to this term.

Spring Curriculum Letter


Autumn Term - Superheroes

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a lovely summer. Our topic for Autumn Term is Superheroes! Please click the newsletter below to see what we will be getting up to.

Autumn Curriculum Letter 

Christmas Party and Lunch

Christmas has been a little different for us this year. Although we have had to stay with our own class bubble, we have still managed to enjoy all the exciting things we do at this time of year. We had our own Christmas party with lots of games and dancing. We enjoyed our Christmas lunch in the hall with all our friends. Merry Christmas everyone!



This term, we have been reading the book 'Traction Man'. We loved hearing about all the adventures and found some of the stories really funny. We decided to write our own Traction Man adventures and put them all into a book. We were so excited to become authors and were even more excited when the real author, Mini Grey, sent us a response for our work. We all got a medal to show how hard we had worked!





Den Building

Winchester Class were very lucky this week to have a session with Chris from @DenBuilding. Our task was to work in teams of four or five and create a den using sticks, cable ties, sheets and pegs with very little help from the adults. We all worked brilliantly in our teams and created some brilliant dens. What a great way to end our first half term in Year 2!



Our Science learning this term has been all about us - our bodies, our senses and how we keep ourselves clean and healthy. This week, we did an experiment to see what our hands would look like if we could see the microscopic germs we all have. We pretended to cough/sneeze as Miss Fryer poured glitter onto our hands. We rubbed the glitter in and picked up items in the classroom to see how the glitter transferred. We even high fived our friends and noticed the different coloured glitters had mixed. We then washed our hands with soap and warm water to wash off all the glitter which helped us to understand why washing hands is so important.



Over the last few weeks, Winchester Class have been exploring instructions. Today, we had the exciting opportunity to follow a set of instructions and make our own superhero biscuits. Before we started, we talked about how to keep ourselves and each other safe by washing our hands thoroughly. We then followed the instructions step by step, taking care to read each instruction carefully. We baked our biscuits and then enjoyed them at breaktime!



In Art, we have created our own superhero masks using the app 'Brushes'. With some support from our teachers we took a photograph of our faces and imported our faces onto a canvas. We then used the paintbrush tool to draw masks over our faces. We thought carefully about the side of our brush, the type of paintbrush and the colours we used. Can you spot any of us behind the masks?




This term, our PSHE focus is 'Being me in my world'. We have thought about our classroom and what makes us happy. We have talked about the word responsibility and what it means to us. This week we have been thinking about our choices and about what makes a positive or a negative choice. We looked at pictures and discussed the actions of the people in the pictures and then thought about how this linked to our own choices inside and outside the classroom.



In English this week, we have been learning about instructions. We looked at examples of instructions and why we have instructions. We were set the task to follow a set of instructions to make a superhero puppet. We were not allowed to ask the adults for help so we had to follow each step carefully.



We also had a go at giving Miss Fryer instructions on how to make her jam sandwich. Unfortunately, Miss Fryer took every instruction literally and we made quite a mess! We learned from our errors and were soon able to give some very specific instructions to help Miss Fryer.




In English over the last few weeks we have been looking at the film The Incredibles, describing the characters and sequencing the events. This week, our Science linked to the film.  We became Sense Detectives as someone had stolen Jack Jack’s (Mr Incredible’s Son) teddy! We used all our senses to work out how to solve the mystery! We had to taste 5 things and identify the apple, we had to smell 5 smells and find the one that smelt like mint. We had to using our hearing to find the squeaky sound and use our sight to measure a footprint. Finally, we used our sense of touch to find something that was fluffy and this helped us to find Jack Jack's teddy!




Design and Technology

Over the past few weeks, we have been designing and making our own movable superheroes. First, we designed our superhero, linking the colours we used with the power our hero had. We then copied our design onto a card superhero template. We cut out our superheroes and then with a little help from adults we used split pins to put them together. Our superheroes can be seen on display in our school hall.




Year 2 are very lucky this term as we have Miss Collishaw from Carre's Outreach teaching us some dance moves! On week one, we looked at Superman moves and this week our focus was Iron Man! We thought about how we positioned our bodies and learnt how to do different types of jumps.



 We read the story Rainbow Fish as a class. This story is all about friendship and after having so long away from our friends we thought it would be a good story to help us remember how to be kind friends. We read the story and then talked about the importance of speaking kindly to others and sharing. We then created our own rainbow fish using bubble wrap, paint and glitter! Our fish are swimming proudly outside our classroom with a title reminding us that: 'we all may be different, but in Winchester Class, we all swim together!'.



In Maths we have started looking at place value, numbers to 100. We used our dienes to create different numbers, thinking about the tens and the ones in the number. Then Miss Fryer set us a challenge. We had to make our name out of dienes and then count the dienes to see what number our name made. We got some very high numbers... even into the 100's!


Golden Time

In Year 2, we earn our Golden Time throughout the week to enjoy on a Friday afternoon. We can choose our activities which include crafting, painting, playing board games and going on the Ipads. We love our Golden Time, especially getting the chance to play with our friends after such a long time apart.








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