Home Learning

Firstly we would like to thank you all for your support, kind words and efforts with home learning during these difficult and unprecedented times. 

We as a staff are fully aware of the challenges that could face our children who have not had the opportunity to return to school before September.  Throughout the last few months, we have worked hard to prepare learning and packs to help our hard working pupils to continue to learn whilst not at school.

As the summer holidays approach, we understand that many of your children may want to access some learning materials across this time.  There will be no compulsory homework set over summer, however, as a staff, we have collated a wealth of online accessible learning platforms that we hope you find useful should you wish to do further learning during the holidays.



https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/    (a fantastic site with video and worksheets to support)












https://www.spag.com/ (Y5/6 only)



https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login?c=0 (KS2)






We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support with ‘Teams’. Over the summer term, we have successfully trialled the use of Microsoft Teams with Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and some Year 5 children. Over the summer holidays, we will not being using ‘Teams’ and accounts will be suspended until September. This new system will play a pivotal role for school in September and this trial has proved useful in identifying how it can be used in school to promote learning and good outcomes.


Keep in touch by sending photos to our class twitter page: https://twitter.com/WLeasingham


Additional Summer Term Tasks

Talk for Writing Booklet - Emma Elves

Talk for Writing Booklet - Rainbows

Mathletics Booklet - Geometry

Mathletics Booklet - Operations of Number


Microsoft Teams

Winchester Class will be trialling the use of Microsoft Teams as a form of communication between parents, children and their teacher. Please click the links below to look at the information about the use of Teams.


Information Letter

Microsoft Teams Policy

Teams Internet Safety Poster


 Summer Term 2

I hope you have all been able to pick up your packs from the front of school. Your new pack contains lots of different activities that you could do during this term. The links below show online versions of some of the parts of the pack. Keep up the great work - you're all doing brilliantly!


Term Overview

Mathletics Booklet

Science Activities

Reading and Writing Activities



Our new topic for this term is 'Our Wonderful World' The resources below  contain useful activites that you could do as part of your home learning. 



Curriculum Newsletter

Topic Overview

             Mathletics Booklet - Statisitcs                

        Mathletics Booklet - Problem Solving       






Miss Fryer


Welcome to Winchester Class

Pupil page

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Spring Term - Castles

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic break. This term our topic is 'Castles'. To find out more about what we are learning, click the link below:


Curriculum Newsletter 


Tractor Visit

We were very lucky today to have a visit from David. He brought his tractor into school and helped us to discover where our food comes from. We looked at different types of seeds and then we explored the process from farm to fork. We even got to go into the tractor and steer the wheel. We had a fantastic time and even the teachers got a go!



In Art, we have made a dragon eye out of clay. We used our hands to mould the clay into the shape of our choosing. We then used different tools to create scales. We put our dragon eye in the middle of the clay before creating eyelids to go over the top. Once the clay had dried, we coloured them using metallic pens. We are going to use our creation to inspire some descriptive writing.


Design and Technology

In DT, we have been making drawbridges. First we took a cereal box and turned it inside out. We then used a sponge and paint to print bricks onto the box. Then, we painted the drawbridge and cut out the battlements. We covered the box in black card before the teachers put the box back together. We measured string and poked holes for the dowel. Finally, we glued the string and bridge together to create our moving drawbridges.



Every year in school, children in Year 2 are gifted a Bible from the school and St. Andrew’s Church council. It is a time of year all the children look forward to, and a time where the older children remember receiving their Bibles. We spent some time after our assembly looking through our new Bibles, reading the stories and drawing some pictures from our favourite stories.



Winchester Class were lucky enough to have Maria from Sublime Science in school today. We enjoyed an assembly with the whole school and then had some time as just a class, watching different experiements and even having a go at some experiements! We had a fantastic morning and learned lots of great things!



We are really enjoying our learning about Castles. This week, we have been exploring the diferent jobs within a castle. We thought about which jobs we would like, as well as which job was the most dangerous. We found out that the Lord and Lady had the easier jobs and that the knights and the tasters had the most dangerous jobs. We also enjoyed finding out thata gong farmer cleaned the moat - no one wanted this job! As a class, we acted out the jobs inside the castle, swapping so we all had a go at a few of the jobs. Can you spot any?




This term in RE, we have been thinking about the word "thankfulness". We thought about what the word means to us and to the people around us. We discovered that thankfulness is all around, even when we don't quite realise it. We talked about things we could be thankful for, not only thinking about things that are bought for us, but things we sometimes can take for granted like food and clean water. We then decided to create a thank you card for someone in our lives, explaining why we are thankful to them.




This term in PE, we are focusing on gymnastics. Today we had to trust our partners when doing balances. We practised different balances and then came up with our own.



In Maths this week, we have been exploring length. We have used metre sticks, tape measures and rulers to compare the length of different objects… including ourselves!


Autumn Term - Traditional Tales

Welcome back, I hope you had a super summer and that you are ready for Year 2! Our topic this term is Traditional Tales. To find out more about what we will be learning about, click the link below:

Curriculum Newsletter


We have been thinking about how to be a good friend. We thought about the qualities of a good friend and how we could try to show some of those qualities. We see our class as a team of good friends and we had the task of working together to create a long paper chain to hang up in the classroom. We had to work together, each of us having a specific role within the group. We worked fantastically together and made a super paper chain for our classroom.



In Science this term we have been learning about materials. We have explored the properties of materials and how this links to what they are used for. This week, we conducted an investigation to see which materials were waterproof. The three little pigs set us a challenge to find out which material would have been best for their roof. We had plastic, foil, paper towels and wooden blocks. We poured water onto each material and waited to see if the water came through. We discovered that the foil and the plastic were waterproof, however the paper towels and the wooden blocks were not.



In English this week, we have been looking at how to write instructions. We talked about why we needed instructions and the features of them. On Thursday, we used a set of instructions to create our own gingerbread men. We followed the recipe carefully, making sure each step was done accurately. We couldn't wait to eat them!




In PE this term, Year 2 have been learning how to jump effectively. We've been lucky enough to have Mr Green helping us. He has shown us how to jump and land safely and correctly. We got the equipment out and practised our jumping skills. We really enjoyed it, even if the last jump was a little scary!




We have been very lucky this term to have the sewing ladies, Mrs Smith and Mrs Wale, in our class, helping us learn the skills of sewing. We have been going out in pairs and have been working together to create a class banner for our prayer area. We have really enjoyed learning all of these new skills.



In PE this term, we have been thinking about our running skills. We found out that to run effectively, you need to start in the correct position. We also discovered that when we run, we must look forward, bend our arms and legs and use our arms to propel us further. At the end of the term, we had a running competition where we used all of the skills we have learned. The children took turns in the races and some children were photographers. Our winners were Waddington and we were very proud of all the children as they all showed great respect and teamwork.



In Art, we have been exploring the work of Kandinsky and Klee. We started by looking at the Castle in the Sun painting by Klee, spotting the colours in the painting. We found out that yellow, blue and red were primary colours. We created our own Castle in the Sun picture by drawing around the 2D shapes and then colouring them in using the wax crayons. Then, we looked at Kandinksy's concentric circles and created our own concentric circles picture. We chose primary and secondary colours for our backgrounds before coiling string around a template. Our next job will be to use the templates to print onto our backgrounds.

We painted our templates different colours and then pressed them onto the background. We then repainted our templates and pressed it down again to create a sprial effect. We were very happy with our finished artwork.




Since the start of September, we have been thinking about number and place value in Maths. We have been exploring numbers to 100, using words like more than, less than and equal to. We have used the equipment to make numbers and words, talking about how many tens and ones we have used. We have also discussed the value of tens and ones and what that means when making a number.

 We also played a game of tens and ones. This game is about rolling dice and then putting the number you roll in either the tens or the ones column. The aim of the game is to make the greatest number. We had to think about the value of the number we rolled before placing it in eithe rthe tens or the ones column. We really enjoyed playing this game, especially when we started using the 9 sided dice!


Golden Time

In Year 2, we enjoy earning our Golden Time. This is a special treat at the end of the day on a Friday where we can choose actvities to do. We earn our Golden Time by staying on the green traffic light and showing good behaviour. This week during Golden Time we have played games, drawn pictures, created with lego and even played some Ping Pong!



In English we have been readint he story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. After reading the story a few times we worked in groups to act out the story, thinking about getting it in the right sequence and also remembering to think about the character we are playing and how to represent them. We really enjoyed acting out the story and shared our performances with the rest of the class. Can you spot any of the characters?



In PSHE, we read the story of the Rainbow Fish. At the start of the story we found out that he was very unkind to the other fish and this left him sad and lonely. By the end of the story, he realised that he had to be kind and friendly and then the other fish would want to be his friends. After we read the book, we realised that we were like the fish and that we had to be kind to the other people in our class and in our school. We decided to create our own rainbow fish using bubble wrap and paint and created a class display to remind us to be good friends and work as a team.