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Summer Term 2024

Marvellous Mountains!

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Welcome back Year 6 to the Summer Term and our topic Marvellous Mountains! This term, geography will be our main curriculum driver. We will be looking at mountains: different environments; how mountains are formed; key features of mountain  ranges. Additionally, will be learning where common, well-known mountain ranges are in the world, knowing the dimensions of the highest peaks in each continent. While further enhancing our knowledge of map reading.

For further information about our learning over the summer term, please click on the Curriculum Newsletter below.

Summer 2024 Curriculum Newsletter.


Spring Term 2024

This term, the children will be learning about the world at war. They will specifically be looking at WWII and how it impacted Britain. Additionally, through science, the children will be investigating light and its properties. Please visit this page throughout the term to find out what the children have been learning. Another platform to look out for is the school's Twitter feed.

Curriculum Newsletter 

January 2024 - Maths 

In year 6 we have been looking at scale factor and proportions. We used scale factor 6 and multiply fractions of ingredients so that we had enough cake mixture for everyone in our team. It was great fun and they tasted delicious 😊. 

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January 2024 - History

Mrs Coote kindly brough in her husband’s great uncle’s pilot helmet which he used in WW2. We had a lot of fun trying it on. We also looked Mrs Renolds grandad’s ration book and we were surprised how little food was available during the war, only 1 ration of bacon a week!  

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Autumn Term 2023

This term, the children in Southwell will delve into the world of Ancient Egypt. They will be learning about daily life and what the Egyptians believed along many many other things. Please continue to visit this page or the school's Twitter feed on the home screen to keep tabs on what the children have been learning.

Curriculum Newsletter 

In history, the children have been looking at the Egyptian Creation Story, Egyptian gods and mummification, while linking to the term's enquiry question: 'What did the Ancient Egyptians believe?'

 In science, the children have been learning about evolution. For example, they have looked at adaptation, natural selection, Charles Darwin, Carl Linnaeus and how fossils can support the theory of evolution.

 In art, the children have designed, created and evaluated a clay cartouche using hieroglyphs.

 In PE, the children have been using their prior knowledge of invasion games and applying it in our handball unit.