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Autumn Term 2021

 'The Victorians'

Welcome to the Year 6 page. This term, Southwell Class's main focus will be history. They will be learning all about the Victorians. The class novel will be C.S.Lewis's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Please check this page throughout the term (and the St. Andrew's Twitter page) to find out what the children have been learning.

Y6 T1 Curriculum Newsletter

This term, Lili and Sophie will be our designated website writers (saving Mr Ross a job!). Each week they will keep you informed about what the class have been up to.

October 2021 - English

The children have worked incredibly hard writing their own story based on the award-winning book, Varnints. The plot needed to include a range of emotions, grammatical features and poetic devices.

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September 2021 - Science

The class have been looking at microbes/infections as part of their Victorians topic and researching their impact in the 1800s.


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September 2021 - Reading Partners

Year 6 have teamed up with the children in York class as reading partners to share a good book and hopefully enthuse our youngest children with their love of reading! What a perfect way to end the week. 

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Week 1 (w/c 06/09/21) 

 In year 6 this week, we have been learning many subjects. In English we have started our unit based on  the book Varmints. In  history, we are beginning to learn about the Victorians and in mathematics, we have been revising place value concepts.

In English, we are learning how to write in both positive and negative contexts and how gradually the writing changes how the reader feels. We have been writing about all senses including: thoughts, feelings, speech, touch, smell, action, sight and hearing. To do this, we went outside onto the school’s playing field and wrote down the senses as if we were Marty in the meadow.

Our first lesson in history was about chronology. This lesson discussed what had happened before and after the Victorian era, while some children were able to find out what happened during this famous historical period.

Finally, in PSHE, we have talking and writing about what we want to achieve by the end of the year. This ranged from the school football and netball team; to learning a specific language. Every person created a sheet of bunting with their goals on.

Lili and Sophie