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Spring Term 2021

'Our Wonderful World'

This term, Year 6's main focus will be geography. They will be researching different types of mountains, while looking at various environmnents that align with montainous terrains. The class novel will be Philip Pullman's Northern Lights and the class will be writing about 'daemons', polar bears, alethiometers and Lyra's treacherous journey to The North. Please check this page thoroughout the term (and the St. Andrew's Twitter page) to find out what the children have been learning.

Curriculum Newsletter Y6 T2 (coming soon)



Autumn Term 2020

'Ancient Egypt'

Welcome to the Year 6 page. This term, we will be delving into the world of Ancient Egypt. Every Friday, the class's website writers, Harry B and Isabel C, will be updating the page with what has been taught, learnt and enjoyed during that week.  Please click on the curriculum letter below to find out what Year 6 will be learning this term:

Curriculum Newsletter Y6

December 2020


The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. They have experienced the different gods and why they were worshipped; learnt about how important the River Nile was to life thousands of years ago; discussed the very complex procedure of mummification, while understanding why it was important to preserve the body ready for the journey to the afterlife. Additionally, this term's focus is writng, especially writing for a purpose/audience; and the children have made excellent progress in both their writing and historical knowledge. In science, the children have been looking at the different states of matter and separating materials.



This term, year 6 have written a number of text types linked to our class novel, The Red Pyramid. The children have used language and author techniques and applied them to within the writing. They have written a diary entry in the perspective of either Carter or Sadie (protagonists); a short narrative based on meeting the god of chaos, Set (antagonist); and an explanation text describing the mummification process. The quality of the writing has been exceptional.


 October 2020


This term, the children have covered many concepts including: place value, the four operations, and currently, we are delving in to the world of fractions. Below are some pictures of the class in action: using different techniques to tackle some more complex questions.


The children have been reading the class novel, The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. It covers Egyptian mythology in an engaging way. Here are some pictures of the children reading; and applying their understanding and comprehension of the book by planning and writing for different text types/purposes.


September 2020

Year 6 have made an excellent start. We have made a lot of progress already and are fully engrossed into the our term's learning.

Here you can see the children focused and ready to achieve their own potential this year. 



This week, the children have been discussing key vocabulary linked to history, while debating and working out where the pictures (and hidden clues) should be on a timeline.




We have been using a new scheme of work called Jigsaw in P.S.H.E. It has promoted a lot of discussion about dreams and goals and we can set ourselves dreams and goals. However, we are also interested and aware of the sacrifices and learning behaviours needed to achieve such targets. Here you can see the children's icebergs. The icebergs symbolise what people associate with success, while highlighting what people cannot see, such as: dedication, resilience and dedictaion.