Clubs Letter Sep 2021


Spring 2020

The school offers a number of extra curricular activities that are run either as lunch time or after school clubs. Featured below, some of the clubs arranged during the 2018 Autumn term.

January 2020 - Chess Club

Thursday lunch time is when Chess Club meet. This is a great opportunity to outwit your opponent using various tactical strategies whilst learning new skills like problem-solving, focus, patience and follow-through. This is a fantastic way to embrace learning in a different way.

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January 2020 - Choir

On a Tuesday lunchtime, Mr Hodgson and Mrs Moseley run the school choir club. The group rehearse a variety of songs with the aim of performing them at a key school event; for example our monthly Church service.

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January 2020 - Board Games Club

Open to Y3 & Y4, board games club is that opportunity to come and share your all time favourite or new Christmas game with your friends at school, have a giggle and possibly try a new game.

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Autumn 2019

Girls Football Club

Mr Green, from the Carres Outreach Sports team, runs the girls football club on a Wednesday after school.

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Cooking Club

Tuesdays, after school, is when the cooking club start peeling, chopping, stiring and baking and fill the school with lots of delicious smells. Mrs Wilkins along with Mrs Mansfield help the budding 'Master Chefs' produce anything from a chocolate muffin to a spicey Mexican taco.

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 Homework Club

Mrs Coote along with Mrs Dudley run the homework club on a Thursday after school. A great opportunity to get ahead before the weekend.The club meets in the ICT suite so the children attending can make use of the resources.

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 Lower KS2 Football Club

Available to the Year 3 & 4 classes is football club meeting on a Thursday after school. The players get to play matches against each other while still learning new and exciting game tactics.

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Netball Club

On Tuesdays, Mr & Mrs Blythe run the netball club. There is a mix of skills input followed by application of the skills in a game. This club is open to the Year 5 & 6 pupils.

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Hockey Club

On a Monday evening, hockey club is available to Year 3 & 4. Basic skills plus lots of game time is in store for those members.

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Mr Hodgson hosts the choir for all our budding singers. The choir meet on a Thursday after school and is open to both KS1 and KS2.

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Football Club

Mr Ross, along with Mr Nadasdi, run the football club, which meets on a Monday after school and is open to Year 5 & 6.

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