At St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School we aim to provide a safe and

happy learning environment where:

‘Everything we do, everything we say, everything we are about must ultimately be for the children, to develop them into positive participants in the world community’

‘Opening the door to learning’ John 10:10 ‘to have life in all its fullness’.


This celebrated by our School Song written by the children

St. Andrew’s School Song:

Hand in Hand


Verse 1

Excitement each day, we’re learning different things,

Our teachers help us be the best we can.

Together we learn, together we play,

All together we can grow each day.



This is our school, St. Andrew’s,

A happy place to be.

Sure enough, together

We are a family.

Somewhere to belong,

Where we always get along

So every step we take, we take together

Hand in hand.


Verse 2

Full of compassion and things you love to see,

Teamwork and responsibility.

We help each other to always persevere.

Nothing is impossible to do.




Every person counts, if we are big or small,

Each of us is special in our own way.

Everybody shares and everybody cares,

What an amazing place it is to be!




  • To encourage children to become highly      motivated life-long learners
  • To enable children to have high self-esteem –      respecting themselves, others and the environment
  • To provide an ethos of support, challenge and      encouragement
  • To provide learning partnerships between home      and the community

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St. Andrew’s is a Church of England primary school situated in the pleasant village of Leasingham. There are extensive grounds providing a large playground and playing fields for the children. We have seven permanent classrooms and two additional mobile classrooms. There is a large hall that is used for assemblies, lunches and P.E./Games sessions.


The school was built in 1971 and the Governors have overseen extensive remodelling of the interior with a rolling redecoration programme.  Recent improvements include the creation of a superb outdoor classroom for all the children and the development of the outside learning environment.


We currently have single age groups in all classes throughout the school and provide additional classroom support in all Key stages.


We are able to offer a full range of after school clubs, which are very popular with the children. They can choose from a variety of clubs which include netball, football, recorders, cooking, dance, cooking, science, wildlife, chess, judo and felt club.


At St Andrew’s we are very proud of our staff, both teaching and non-teaching. Together, everyone works hard to provide an exciting, caring environment where each child will be given the opportunity to achieve their true potential.


Recognising its historic foundation, the school continues to preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and diocesan level. There are regular visits from the vicar of St Andrew’s and the children enjoy their trips to church.

The school aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.  It encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promotes Christian values through the experience it offers to all its pupils.