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Our PE days this term will be Wednesday and Thursday. Children will need to come to school in PE kit on those days.


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Summer Term - Our Wonderful World

Welcome back, I hope you all had an egg-siting Easter! We're back for our final term in Year 1 and our topic is 'Our Wonderful World'. Please click the newsletter below to see what we will be learning:

Curriculum Newsletter 

April 2022 - Science

Our Science topic this term focusses on planting and growing. This week we began our experiment to see how plants grow the best. We planted four sunflower seeds and we are keeping them in different conditions: sun and water, sun and no water, water and no sun and finally no water or no sun. We made predictions on how we thought the plants would grow and also planted our own sunflowers.


April 2022 -PE

We are very lucky this term to have Mr Wilson from Carre's Outreach teaching us PE this term. This week's focus was on team work, such an important skill to learn not only for sports but for everything at school and at home. Understanding team work will help us later in the term as we begin to learn some new small sided games.


Spring Term - Castles

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you are ready for the challenges of the new term. Our topic this term is Castles, click the link below to see what we will be getting up to:

Curriculum Newsletter 

March 2022 - Art

This term in Art we have been looking at the artist Paul Klee. We looked at some of his work and then explored the skills of tinting and toning. Finally, we used the skills we have learnt to create our own version of 'Castle in the Sun'.


March 2022 - Castles Day

This week, Year 1 and 2 were lucky enough to have a visit from DanTastic Education. We had a Knights and Castles workshop and spent the day dressed as people from medieval times. We had the best day.



March 2022 - Castles Homework

The children in Lincoln class were set the task to find out about a castle in the UK. The children blew the adults away with the time and effort they put into their homework. We had videos, models and presentations which the children shared with their peers. Below are just a few examples of their amazing work:



March 2022 - Tractor Visit

York and Lincoln classes were very lucky this week to have a visit from a tractor from Heckington. We loved finding out about farming and especially loved getting to sit in the driving seat!


February 2022 - Music

We are very lucky this term to have Miss Rogers from Lincs Music Service teaching us Music this term. We loved our first session!


February 2022 - Art

In Art this term, we have been looking at paintings by the artist Paul Klee. We have also been talking about primary and secondary colours. Our first task was to 'tint' primary and secondary colours by adding white. Below you can see what a great job we did! 


February 2022 - Subject Revolution

On Friday 4th February we had a Maths focus day, this was part of the NSPCC Number day.  We were so lucky have Subject Revolution(https://www.subjectrevolution.co.uk)   in school to help us celebrate all things MATHEMATICAL!  They provided us with an exciting, modern, interactive and hands-on educational Mathematics experience for us all. 

In KS1 we were helping Prince Lumino who had been left in charge of Mathania and he was in big trouble.  Lumino needed help.  We had to work in teams and travel around the amazing new world created in our hall. We worked together in practical maths challenges to save our hapless hero.  We had to mend, build, fish, repair, sort, stack and even throw our way to success through this hands-on maths adventure. 

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January 2022 - Computing

We are really enjoying our Purple Mash Computing lessons. Today, we started our first lesson in the Unit 'Lego Builders'. To our surprise, our first lesson did not involve using the computers! We found out all about how computer work, discussed the term 'algorithm' and talked about how this linked to the computers. We were tasked to follow a set of instructions to make a lego robot, our next steps will be to do something similiar on the computers.


January 2022- English

This week we have been finding out about instruction writing. We discovered the purpose of instructions and how they needed to be followed in order. The children were then tasked to follow a set of instructions with the aim of following them as accurately as they could. They did a brilliant job as you can see! Learning all about instructions is going to help us write our own instructions about our class dragon.


January 2022 - DT

Our DT focus this term is winding mechanisms. We discussed what they were and how they worked. The children were then tasked with creating their own using a pencil, string and a picture of a knight. They did a fantastic job and this learning will lead into creating a winding drawbridge.


January 2022 - English

A mysterious egg landed in our classroom over the Christmas holidays. Last week it hatched whilst we were at playtime. We searched the school to find evidence of where it had gone and used the 'CCTV' pictures to discover it was a dragon! We have created wanted posters in search of our class dragon, please let us know if you see him!



Autumn Term - Traditional Tales

Welcome back to school! Our topic this term is Traditional Tales. To find out about what we will be doing, click the newsletter below:

 Curriculum Newsletter

December 2021 - Christmas Party

Lincoln Class loved their Christmas day. We wore our Christmas Jumpers, had Christmas lunch and played lots of party games.

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December 2021 - Design & Technology

 Year 1 have been busy designing, making and selling Christmas Stockings to raise school funds. They took time and care to design their stocking before creating it using pens, glitter and sequins. The children will be taking them home on Friday to put on their Christmas trees!

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November 2021 - Computing

Our Computing focus this term is on Coding. We talked about what this word means and discussed the words programming and algorithms. We were very excited to have a go with the Beebots and were amazed at how pressing a few buttons could programme the Beebot’s movements. 

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November 2021 - Science

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about materials in Science. We found out that many of our clothes are created by weaving the threads together. We linked this learning to our DT and had a go at weaving paper. It was very tricky but we persevered and did a great job! We loved the finished look.

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November 2021 - P.E

We are very lucky this term to have Mrs Mawson from Carre’s Outreach teaching us. This week we talked about and practising different jumps, thinking about the positioning of our bodies. We also had a go at a triple jump!

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October 2021 - Art

Lincoln Class have been budding artists this week. We have looked at different artists and then focussed on Kandinsky’s concentric circles. We recreated this painting focussing on our knowledge of primary and secondary colours. Aren’t they amazing!!

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October 2021 - P.E

In PE we have been practising our throwing and running skills. We always love playing a game at the end of the session. 

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October 2021 - English

Lincoln Class have been learning about fiction and non-fiction this week. we used our new knowledge to sort books and then looked through non-fiction books to spot the features.

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October 2021 - PSHE

This is what being proud looks like! In our Jigsaw lesson this week we thought about what it means to be proud. Each child received their own proud ticket with a message from one of the adults in the classroom. 

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October 2021 - Computing

Lincoln Class loved having laptops in class today. We focussed on our typing skills and logging ourselves in. Once logged in, we enjoyed exploring Purple Mash.

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September 2021 - MacMillan Coffee Morning

On Friday, the whole school took part in MacMillan Coffee Morning. We talked about what the coffee morning was about and how bringing money to school would support the charity and the people it involves. 




September 2021 - P.E

Lincoln Class have been working hard on their running skills in PE this week. We have been thinking about how to use our body in the right way to make ourselves quicker. We enjoyed playing sharks and fishes to warm up before using our running skills to steal treasure for our pirate ships!

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September 2021 - Art

The children in Lincoln class have enjoyed doing some painting in Art. Today was all about exploring what happens when mixing primary colours to make secondary colours.

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September 2021 - English

Linking to our topic of Traditional Tales, Lincoln Class have started reading The Enormous Turnip. So far, we have read and sequenced the story and used our drama skills to act out the story. We thought about how to change our voices to suit each character. 


Our first day!

The children had a fantastic first day in Lincoln Class. They came into school beauitfully and set a fantastic example to the new starters. We enjoyed lots of different activities throughout the day linking to our Maths and English learning. We also had some time to catch up with our friends and get used to our new classroom.