Curriculum Intention 

Here at Leasingham St Andrew’s, we feel passionate about learning at every level and we ensure that every pupil is given the opportunity to succeed- with pupil achievement and enjoyment being at the heart of everything we do.

Our intention is to shape and nurture children to reach their full potential. We believe that, in order to achieve this, we need a tailor made curriculum that is built around skills, knowledge, personal and spiritual development.

We aim to do this by creating and embedding a curriculum which allows for creativity and critical thinking whilst also ensuring that key skills are embedded; before building on this prior learning in a focused and aspirational way. This aspect of the curriculum is underpinned by a focus on academic development: providing an array of first hand experiences for our children to learn from; ensuring our children have the opportunities to develop interpersonal skills and build resilience in a supportive environment. In turn we hope that children will understand that learning is a vital lifelong skill.

Underlying all of this planned curriculum is the need for emotional and spiritual development– we work with children and their families encouraging our children to learn the importance of being a confident communicator and caring for and valuing themselves and their community – ensuring their community in turn values them.

By combining our focused curriculum with our Christian values we hope to open our children’s eyes to the opportunities the world has to offer them – encouraging them to be aspirational, respectful and successful.

Leasingham St Andrew's has implemented the Curriculum  through a creative approach with lots of opportunties to use key skills across the curriculum. 

Below is an overview for each year group on a two-year cycle of the curriculum areas covered.  Please view individual class pages for a more detailed curriculum letter for each term detailing the areas children will study.




Year 1/2


Term 1


Term 2


Term 3


Year A

All About Me

(Science Based)

Parts of the body


Staying alive


Art Portraits

Re Unit 7 Belonging to a Christian Church


Writing focus. Poetry senses, Descriptive


Home and Away

(Geography Based)

Focus on our locality of Sleaford then a contrasting Study of non

European Country

RE Unit 3 Talking about God

Changes within living memory



Van Gogh–Art

Vivaldi –Seasons


Writing focus. Diary, stories from familiar settings


Time Travellers

(History Based)

Significant people through

History e.g 1st Aeroplane flight

Great Fire of London,

Christopher Columbus

Link to great scientists

Eddison and electricity etc.

Music different time spans-Mozart

Historical art

RE Unit 2 Celebrations

(World religions)

Writing focus. Stories from other cultures, narrative and descriptive


Year B

Party Planner

(Science/ DT Based)

Science Light and sound

Food-Design and make


Music –Composition

Christmas party ?

RE Unit 1 Celebrations for Christians


Writing focus. Instructional texts, information texts


(History/Science Based)

Significant historical events

Materials/Forces and the use of for design and making


RE Unit 5 Stories of Authority

Geography-Compass Direction


Writing focus. Stories with historical settings, non chronological settings

All Creatures Great and Small

(Science Based)

Use of environment and habitats to explore life processes

RE Unit 6 The Good earth

Geography-Locational Knowledge(7 continents)


Writing focus. Information texts, traditional stories



Year 3/4

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3


Year A


(Science/DT Based)

Science –Light, sound, electricity and forces

Digital Media


Musical Composition

RE Unit 10 Christmas and Divali



Writing Focus. Persuasive,

instructional and poetry

Romans rule

(History Based)

DT/Science-Materials and designing a fort

Art-The Collection use of


RE Unit 7 Christian Journeys

Impact of Romans on Britain (Legacy-Roads, water, culture)

Local history study Lincoln


Writing Focus. Information texts and plays

From a railway


(History/Geography Based)

Based on trip from Sleaford to Mexico looking at physical geography on the way

Place knowledge-In Uk, Europe and South America

Science –Water Cycle/Rocks & Soil



Musical Composition

RE Unit 2 Hindu Beliefs & lifestyles

Writing Focus. Stories from other cultures. Diary extracts


Year B

Tudors-My Friend Walter

(History Based)



Music/PE Tudor dance

RE Unit 11 Religion in the Neighbourhood

Famous Tudor Composer

E.g. William Byrd

Human Geography

Writing Focus. Stories with historical settings, Diary , newspaper and authors

Creepy Crawlies

(Science Based)

Rainforests/ Habitats

Art 3D Animals

ICT Spore

RE Unit 8 Beautiful World




Writing Focus. Poetry, Information texts and descriptive

The Olympics

(History based Greeks and London 2012)

Science link health and fitness ‘Fit for Life’

Digestive System

Greek Art-Clay work

Re Unit Places of worship



Writing Focus. Myths and legends, newspapers and playscripts


Year 5/6

Term 1

Term 2

Term   3










(History/Science   based)


World History –   Egyptians

Materials – Changing state

                   Separating materials



R.E:   Unit 9 – Christian Symbols

Writing   Focus – instructions, myths and legends, fables, poetic style, persuasion

Invaders &   Settlers

(History/Geography   based)

From 1066 to 1945

Vikings, 1066, Scotland   invade, WW1 & Life in World War 2

How   the local area has changed

Internet   research/Databases

Genre   of music from World War 2

The   Holocaust

The   Diary of Ann Frank

R.E:   Unit 4 Jewish beliefs and lifestyle

Writing   Focus – journalistic writing, biography, poetry

Around the World in   80 Days

(Geography based)

Locational   Knowledge

Map   work

Specific   countries

Physical Geography

Grid references

Writing   focus: diary, non-fiction, stories from other cultures



R.E:       Hindu beliefs and lifestyle







Y5   - alcohol/tobacco

Y5   - human life cycle

Y6   - drugs

Y6   - sex education


Y5   – Our World

Y6   – Mini Enterprise


Web   pages










 Life as a Victorian

(History based)

Street   Child (focus text)

Family   Life – jobs, schools, etc

Textiles/ICT(William   Morris designs)

Scientific   discovery – Darwin (Evolution &   Inheritance), Edison

Classification of   Micro Organisms

Study   of Lowry

Victorian   Music Hall

The   Workhouse

Dolls   houses

The   Railways

R.E:   The Bible and its importance to Christians

Writing   focus: biography, formal/ impersonal, classic and narrative poetry, older   literature

Out of this World

(Science/Geography   based)



Earth   and beyond

Design   and make rockets

Holst   – The Planets/War of the Worlds

Composition   – space music

Google   Earth – maps


Wonders   of the World

R.E:   Unit 8, Beautiful world, wonderful God

Writing   Focus: stories set in imaginary worlds, power of imagery, reports,   explanations


Water   Worlds

(Geography/History   based)

Science   – water cycle, evaporation, etc.

Geography   – rivers, coasts and seas

Art   – Monet artist study (collage)

DT   – submarines

Handel’s   Water Music

Settlers-Stone Age   to Iron Age


 Writing   focus: plays, film narrative, Kensuke’s Kingdom




Y5   - alcohol/tobacco

Y5   - human life cycle

Y6   - drugs

Y6   - sex education




Web pages