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Norwich Class will be using Microsoft Teams as a learning platform of communication between children and their teacher for homework and class information. Please read the documents below.

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 Autumn Term

Meet and Greet 2021

 Please click on the link above to view the slides giving you a variety of important information as your child moves into Year 5.  

The Victorians 

Welcome back to the Autumn term; I hope you enjoyed the Summer break.  We are looking forward to lots of interesting learning and hard work in Year 5 this term.  Our main topic for the term is 'The Victorians' with History being a significant focus.  Our PE days this term will be Wednesday and Friday and children will be expected to come dressed in PE kit that day.

Please click on the link to find out more about our learning this term:    Y5 - Curriculum Newsletter Autumn


 September 2021 - PE

This term we are very lucky to have Mrs Mawson from Carres Grammar Outreach teaching us Gymnastics.  Due to the lovely weather this week, we were able to take our learning outdoors onto the school field.  We were learning different types of balances which culminated in working in pairs to create a special routine.  We were all so proud of our efforts and enjoyed presenting our routines to each other.  

gymnastics gymnastics gymnastics
gymnastics gymnastics gymnastics
gymnastics gymnastics gymnastics

September 2021 - Art

 As part of our move up day back in July, we demonstrated our super sketching skills.  Can you recognise anyone?

art art art


September 2021 - English

Over the course of the term we will be reading two novels with specific links to The Victorian era.  Are their other books or novels that you know of set during this period of history?  Why not visit the library or find a book that will take you back in time to this significant period in British History. 

cogheart oliver

 September 2021 - PSHE/RE

As part of our Jigsaw Puzzle, “Being in me in my world” Y5 were learning about our school’s Mission Statement.  It was here we talked about the vital roles everyone plays in making our school a happy, safe and enriched place to learn.  We also discussed the importance of our bible quote and what it meant to each of us.  




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