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Y5 Parent Information Evening - Secondary School/11+/SATS/HILLTOP

 Summer Term 2023/2024

 Blue Planet 

mountains   planet planet 

Welcome back to the Summer term; I hope you all had an eggcellent Easter break!  We are looking forward to lots of interesting learning and hard work in Year 5 this term.  Our topic has a Geography theme this term called “Blue Planet”.  Here we will be learning about the journey water takes from source to sea, learning about Sir David Attenborough, considering how climate change is affecting our planet and how we can make a difference.  Please click on the curriculum letter below to find out more about our learning this term. Please click on the link below to read our Summer Currilculum Newsletter.

Y5 - Summer Term 2023/2024 Curriculum Newsletter 


April 2024 - Science

In Science this term we are investigating "Changing Materials".  As part of our lesson this week, we were learning about soluble and insoluble substances.  Whilst investigating the different substances, we carried out a fair test ensuring we only changed one variable.  It was a hands-on practical lesson which we thoroughly enjoyed.  




 Spring Term 2023/2024

To Infinity and Beyond and Invaders 

Happy New Year Norwich class we hope you had a fantastic Christmas break.  Welcome back to the Spring term and our new topic.  This term we split our topic across the two terms.  Firstly, we are investigating Space, heading out to "Infinity and Beyond".  Then after half term we head back in time to the Vikings and Anglo Saxons period in History investigating their invasions and the growth of that historical time.  Our PE days this term will be Monday and Friday children will be expected to come dressed in PE kit that day.

 For further information on the curriculum content, please click on the link to find out more about our learning this term:    Y5 - Curriculum Newsletter Spring

space viking anglo


February 2024 - PE Tennis

This term, tennis our main "net and wall" sport.  We are learning to control the ball and are showing fantastic skills.  Watch our Andy Murray, Iga Swiatek and Novak Djokovic!

 tennis  tennis tennis 


February 2024 - Design & Technology - Lunar Space Buggy

As part of our DT project this term, we were tasked with the challenge to design and make our own prototype of a Lunar Space Buggy. We developed many skills during this project including learning how to use a drill and saw effectively; how to mitre corners; how to create a solid frame (chassis); and apply our maths skills of accurate measuring.  Throughout the whole process, as engineers and designers, we were regularly problem solving to achieve a set of criteria.  We had to produce a buggy which included:

  1. A solid chassis and moving axils;
  2. A high quality design;
  3. A buggy that would travel over the surface of the moon;
  4. A design that would carry scientific samples collected by astronomers on space


January 2024 - Science - Phases of the Moon

As part of our Science lesson, Y5 were given the task of cutting Oreos to replicate the phases of the moon.  Having discussed the different phases of the moon and how this was linked to the positions of the Sun and Earth, we were (in our groups) given 8 Oreos!   We had to uses the Oreo biscuit to carve out the cream to depict the different phases of the moon. Amazing fun was had by all; eating them at the end was such a bonus! 

 oreo  oreo  oreo
 oreo  oreo  oreo


January 2024 - PE - Fitness

This term in P.E, we have all been put through a gruelling regime of fitness to pass our ASTRONAUTS training!  WE were certainly worn out by the end.  From sit-ups to press-ups, planks to skips we pushed ourselves.  The next mission to Mars: we are ready!


January 2024 - Science: The Planetarium Visit

To start our topic off, we were visited by Star Lincs Planetarium.  The Planetarium is a large inflatable dome, which we climbed into, with very little light.  Inside this magnificent space, the stars and different planets of the solar system are projected onto the walls and ceiling allowing us to experience something ‘out of this world!’   Star constellations, the moon phases, close ups of the planets and information about them and how day and night is created were just a few of the topics taught whilst siting in such a fantastic space.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the visit and it brought our new topic “To Infinity and Beyond” to life.  After, we enjoyed taking part in a workshop where they had to design a 'lander' for a mission to Mars. The class tested the models to see if they could land without breaking up. They all fell to pieces! We finished a wonderful mornings learning by tasting astronaut food (freeze dried strawberriers) and experienced smelling some of the smells found in space.

 planet  planet  planet



Autumn Term 2023/2024

 Meet and Greet 2023

 Please click on the link above to view the slides giving you important information as your child moves into Yr 5.  

 The Victorians 

Burghley House Y5 Victorian Trip  - Letter 

Welcome back to the Autumn term; I hope you enjoyed the Summer break.  We are looking forward to lots of interesting learning and hard work in Year 5 this term.  Our main topic for the term is 'The Victorians' with History being a significant focus.  Our PE days this term will be Monday and Thursday children will be expected to come dressed in PE kit that day.

Mrs Coote, Mrs Wilkins and Miss Clarke

Please click on the link to find out more about our learning this term:    Y5 - Curriculum Newsletter Autumn


Science - September 2023

In Science this term, we were learning about reproduction in flowering plants. We dissected a flower looking closely at each of the important parts and labeling them on our diagram.  We used some scientific equipement such as tweezers, magnificying classes and petri dishes.  Languae such as pollination, fertilisation, carpel and stamen were important to understanding when describing this wonderful natural process.  We were true scientist as work. 

flower flower
flower flower
flower flower

PSHE September 2023

As part of our PSHE we were investigating the Zones of Regulation.  Understanding the zones helps us to regulate our feelings, emotions and actions.  As part of this lesson we then made fortune tellers.  We will then be able to use these to refer to if we need reminding of what works best to help regulate.  

pshe pshe

 Art September 2023

As part of our Art this term we will be investigating the works of William Morris.  We have already learnt his artwork replected many aspects of the natural world.  Learning to sketch and shade, we investigated the beautiful array of plants in our school outdoor areas.  



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