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Welcome to Southwell Class.  We will update this page throughout the year to share what we have been learning.



The Victorians

Welcome back to the Autumn term; I hope you enjoyed the Summer break.  We are looking forward to lots of interesting learning and hard work in Year 6 this term.  Our topic  is 'The Victorians'.  Please click on the curriculum letter below to find out more about our learning this term:

Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter 

 September 2017


This term in art, we are invstigating the works of the artist William Morris.  Firstly, we looked at a variety of his prints and the influences in his life.  We wrote about the different features of his prints and the various patterns he used.  Then we chose one of his designs and continued the pattern. 

art art
art art
art art
art art
art art
art art



As part of our Science this term, we have been learning about electricity and circuits.  We started by consolidating our existing knowledge of materials which are electical conductors, how to affect the brightness of a bulb and finally how to make our own switch.  Next, we will be learning the difficerent symbols to match each of the components within a circuit.

circuit circuits circuits
circuits circuits circuits
circuits circuits circuit
circuit circuit circuit


Growth Mindset

As part of our PSHE this term, we have been working together focusing on the conditions which promote or inhibit learning and motivation whilst continuing to develop our growth mindset.   As part of this, we looked at the book "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds.  We could relate the story to our previous understanding of a GROWTH or FIXED MINDSET.  Using the book as inpsiration, we then drew our own pictures which were created from a single DOT or LINE. 

dot dot
dot dot
dot the dot
dot dot



In PSHE we read a short story called, "The School of Nightmares".  Through drama we created our own tableau depicting the "School of Nightmares".  We were given some time to decide what each group would present within the overall tableau. We had to use our facial expressions and poses to show why the school was called "The School of Nightmares". We were encouraged to think about what we could hear and what we could see.  By creating our own tableau (below) we were then able to reflect on what would be in a school of dreams. 

Tableau tableau tableau





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