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Amazing Americas

Welcome back to the Summer term and we all hope you have all an 'eggcellent' Easter break!  Our topic this term is 'Amazing Americas'.   Please click on the curriculum newsletter below which outlines our learning for this term.

 Summer Curriculum Newsletter

 May 2017 - Cricket Tournament

Elod and Daniel joined some Year 5 & 6 children to make a team and attend the Carre's annual cricket tournament. The team displayed fabulous team work and sportsmanship and played extremely well under captain Evie Jarvis; we won our first two games but unfortunately lost our third which took us out of the finals. However, we thoroughly enjoyed the taking part and the scorching sunshine. Huge thank you to Mr Foston for the very welcome ice lollies and Mr & Mrs Mountford for helping us with transport.



May 2017 - MacMillan Mile

Today, we were extremely fortunate to be able to take part in the MacMillan Mile at RAF Cranwell.  Firstly we warmed up, then we walked a mile around RAF Cranwell and finally, at then end of the walk, we were treated to an ice cream and a flypass.  On the walk around RAF Cranwell, we were fortunate to be joined by the RAF Falcons who happily chatted to the children and autographed magazines.  Although the day was great fun, we discussed the wonderful charity we were raising money for and the different ways our generous donations can help others. 

warmup mile
mile mile



May 2017 - Music

We are extrememly lucky to have Lincolnshire Music Service visiting Salisbury class, for a total of 12 weeks, to teach us how to play the trombone and the trumpet.  Every lesson is really informative and great fun.  This week we progressed on to learning to read music which culminated in everyone playing Hot Cross Buns. 

music music


May 2017 - Geography - Debating

As part of our topic this term we have been researching North and South America and some of the volcanoes located in these continents.  We learnt about the ‘Ring of Fire’ – over 450 of the 1500 volcanoes in the world are found here and the now understand the terms dormant, extinct and active and the difficulty of classifying dormant volcanoes.  Debating the question: “Would you like to live near a volcano?” began a lively discussion were we then sorted for and against cards into reasons for and against living near volcanoes. 

salisbury volcanoes volcanoes
volcanoe volcanoes volcanoes



May 2017 - Geography - The Earth

We have been extremely busy this term learning about areas withing North and South America.  We have looked the climate, population and lanscape of places such as Death Valley and the Everglades.  Moving on, we have learnt about the layers of the earth, the tectonic plates and how volcanoes are formed. Below are some examples of fantastic learning and a fun filled afternoon, creating volcanic eruptions in Y4.  

Geo Geo Geo
Geo Geo Geo


 May 2017 - R.E - Hinduism

This term we are learning about the Hindu faith.  Firstly, we worked as a team to record as many facts about this religion that we already new.  Then we considered what we would like to learn and wrote some thoughful questions we would further investigate.  These were:

Q. In which country is Hinduism practised / did it originate from?

Q. How do Hindu people worship?

Q.  Where do Hindu people pray?

Q.  How is Hinduism similar and different to Christianity?  






'Rotten Romans'


Welcome back and a Happy New Year. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and were able to relax and have fun. Our topic this term is 'Rotten Romans'.  Please click on the curriculum newsletter below which outlines our learning for this term.

 Spring Term Curriculum Newsletter


March 2017 - Music - Ocarinas

As part of music in Year 4, we have been learning to play the Ocarina.  We have already used oc-pix and pc-box to play high or low sounds.  We have also learnt how to write a note on a five line stave.   This week, we drew the scale of D major as notation, on a stave.  We also learnt a new song, "Au Clair de la Lune" which we thoroughly enjoyed.

ocarina Lincoln Ocarina



March 2017 - D.T - Roman Shields

As part of D.T, we have been learning about the Roman shield (Scutumn) and why this was such a specially crafted piece of a soldier's weaponry.   We then designed our own shield, covered it in paper mache ready to paint our own unique design. Here are some of us are just adding the finishing touches. 

shield Lincoln shield


March 2017 - Lincoln Castle Trip

On Thursday 9th March 2017, Year 3 and Year 4 went on a fantastic trip to Lincoln Castle, to learn even more about the Romans.  We found out more about military life 2000 years ago; took a Roman themed tour of the castle wall; learnt Latin whilst testing out real Roman armour and weaponry.  We learnt about battle formations and took part in a Celts vs Romans battle re-enactment.  Learning that the Romans built the first city of Lincoln was extremely interesting.  Finally, we were archaelogists, digging carefully for artefacts and deciding what they were and what they were used for.  Below are some photos of our fabulous day which was full of fun and fantastic learning.  

Romans Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln
Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln
Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln
Linccoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln
Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln  Lincoln


February 2017 - Rotten Roman Research (Homework)

Today (Wednesday 8th February) Y3 and Y4 came together to share their Roman homework.  Both classes were set the challenge to research a famous Roman and present their learning in an interesting way.  Mrs Bell, Mrs Concar, Mrs Coote and Mr Rogers were amazed by the creativity of the children and how confident everyone was in talking about what they had learnt. We heard some fantastics fact about Romans such as: Boudicca, Nero, Julius Caesar, Hadrian, Augustus and Spartacus.

homework homework
homework homework
homework homework
homework homework
homework homework
homework homework
homework homework


February 2017 - Safer Internet Day (SID) 2017

On Tuesday 7th February, the whole school took part in Safer Internet Day.  The day began with Year 6 presenting an excellent short play to the whole school about the importance of using the internet in a positive way and the regrets people have when they use it in a negative way.  In the afternoon, Y4 had an important discussion around photographs which are posted online helping us all to understand that there can be more to a picture than meets the eye.  We each drew our own digital photo album which we would be happy to share with others.  Finally, we made up our own class internet safey tip using only emojis.  Can you guess what it means?  



SId 2017 sid 2017 sid2017
sid 2017 sid2017 sid 2017


February 2017- Art

In Art this term, we have been learning about Roman mosaics.  We created our own using an internet program then researched the process of how mosaics were made.  Finally, we planned and designed our own Roman style mosaic using sugar paper which we had to cut into small squares.  We are all very proud of our creations.  

mosaic mosaic
mosaic mosaic
mosaic mosaic
mosaic mosaic
mosaic mosaic
mosaic mosaic
mosaic mosaic
mosaic mosaic


February 2017 - Gymnastics

As part of our gymnastics this term, we have been creating our own sequence which had to include a stretch balance, a curl balance and finally travelling to finish the routine.  Here are a few pictures of some amazing balances on the different equipment.   

gym gym
gym gym
gym gym


January 2017 - Geography Skills

As part of our 'Rotten Romans' topic we have been learning about Roman roads.  We have learnt how the Romans engineered their roads to ensure they were straight, why they decided to build such straight roads and the benefits this had.  Finally, we researched Roman cities/towns and the Roman roads that linked them together including some facmous roads such as: Ermine Street, Watling Street and Fosse Way.  Do you know which places these linked?  When researching the Roman roads we had to use many Georgraphical skills including using the index and the specific grid references. 

geography map skills map skills
map skills map skills map skills


January 2017 - Religious Education

Having only been back to school three days, Y4 confidently lead our Community Church Service.  We thought carefully about the word RESPECT and what it meant to us both in and out of school.  We carried out a short sketch demonstrating the importance of respecting everyone both young and old.  Finally, we ended our assembly performing a short RESPECT rap leaving everyone with a few wise words:

It's called RESPECT


I give it to you and you give it to me.

It's called RESPECT


You gotta treat people respectfully.

It's called RESPECT. 


chruch chruch




 'All the Fun of the Fair'


Welcome back to the autumn term. I hope you have had a fantastic summer break.  The topic this term is 'All the fun of the fair' and the curriculum newsletter below outlines what we will be learning this term.

Click on the link below.

Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter

December 2016 - Christmas Lunch

Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed all of the various celebrations leading up to Christmas.  On the last day,  we wore our Christmas jumpers and enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch. Merry Christmas everyone!


Xmas lunch Xmas lunch Xmas lunch
xmas lunch xmas lunch xmas lunch
xmas lunch xmas lunch xmas lunch
xmas lunch xmas lunch xmas lunch



December 2016 - KS2 Christmas Party


Year 4 enjoyed our Christmas party.  We made party hats, played party games including filming our very own mannequin challenge (see our twitter page), enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch and finally competed in a Christmas quiz.  It was a fun filled festive day. 

party party
party party
party party


December 2016 - Goldly Play


This term we thoroughly enjoyed Miss Porter’s Godly Play session.  We listened and focused on the Christmas story told through use of symbols, objects and words and then we considered what this meant to us and were then able to respond to this in our style.   

godly godly
Godly godly


December 2016 - DT - Fairground Carousels

This term as part of our 'Fairground' topic we designed and created our own carousels.  Below is the processes we went through to create our own unique carousels (photos to follow).

  1. First of all, we designed our carousels.
  2. Then we used clay to make the bases and when they were dry we painted them and used PVA glue to make them shiny.
  3. After, we then made a paper version of our canopies. We each made our own template for the turned down edges and used that to draw around to make sure it was even.
  4. When we were happy with our paper version, we used the template we had made to draw it onto card and then painted them.
  5. Carefully, we then cut out the canopy and folded the edges before we glued them into a cone shape.
  6. We also coloured the different seas whether this was horses, cars, bubbles or even planets, and carefully measured 10cm of thread to attach to the back, using glue.
  7. Finally we attached our canopies to a wooden doweling. 
carousel carousel
 carousels carousels 
 carousels carousel 
 carousel carousel 
 carousel carousel 
 carousel carousel 
 carousel carousel 
 carousel carousel 
 carousel  carousel
 carousel  carousel
 carousel carousel 
 carousel  carousel
 carousel  carousel

November 2016

UP Science Workshop

On Friday 4th November 2016, Year 4 were lucky enough to spend the afternoon with UP Science and Sleaford Quality Foods learning about the science, design and technology behind different foods and their ingredients.  We were asked to think about our favourite foods, what specific ingredients went into to making such dishes so delicious and flavoursome and finally we were able to taste and smell a variety of different herbs and spices.  After the tasting session, we then had a go at making our own sauce using either a tomato or mayonnaise base.  Some of them tasted delicious and some were definitely quite unique!  We thoroughly enjoyed our learning.

UP Up Up


R.E - Diwali

In our RE learning we have been looking at the similarities and differences between the Hindu festival of ‘Diwali’ and the Christian festival of Christmas.  We learnt that LIGHT was a significant part of both the Hindu and Christian religions.  This week we made Diva lamps and took part in a small collective worship appreciating all we have and thinking about the Hindu festival of Diwali.  

Diva Diva Diva
Diva Diva  



Science - Electricity

In our Science learning over the last few weeks we have been learning how to make simple circuits using light bulbs, motors buzzers and switches.  We were set the challenge to create our own fairground clown with eyes that light up.  As an extension we were asked to try and make the clowns bow tie spin.  Whilst creating our Light-up Clown we were demonstrating our knowledge of how to:

  • construct a series circuit;
  • identify and name the components in a series circuit (including cells, wires, bulbs, switches and buzzers);
  • draw a circuit diagram;
  •  predict and test whether a lamp will light within a circuit;
  • describe the function of a switch in a circuit.
electricty electric Electricity
electric Electric electric
electric electric electrci


Art - Lowry Painting

As part of our topic, ‘All the Fun of the Fair’, we have been studying, in art, the artist L.S. Lowry.  We have been particularly studying the painting titled ‘Fair at Daisy Nook’.  We planned, sketched and created our own interpretations of this painting using watercolours.  Here are a few of our finished artworks.

Lowry lowry
lowry lowry
Lowry lowry



October 2016

Science - Electricity

This term we have been learning about electricity.  We have been testing simple circuits to see if they were complete or incomplete then we drew our own simple ciruits and added a switch.  Finally, we added different componets such as a motor or buzzer to see if you could use our switches to break the circuit and stop the flow of electricity.

electricity Electricity Electricity


Maths - Addition and Subtraction

We have been using our place value knowledge this week to solve written addition problems.  In order to solve 'SUMS' (+) efficiently, we often need to use a written method.  We confidently used our place value counters whilst PROVING and EXPLAINING our learning using accurate mathematical language.

pv pv


ICT - Writing Algorithms

As part of our ICT learning we have been writing our own algorithms and debugging programs to move the Beebot around a course using the app BEE-BOT.

ict ict


September 2016

R.E - Indian Experience

This term, in Year 3 and 4, our Religious Education topic is the Hindu festival of DiwaliTo help bring this topic to life, we invited Sunita Patel to come into school today.  As part of the Indian Experience the children learnt first hand about the Hindu customs and traditions and what life is like for people living in India.  The children experienced dressing up in Indian clothes, participating in Indian dance and learning about the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali.  This was a stimulating and exciting day which provided the children with first-hand experience of the Hindu religion.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Below are just a few of the comments that the children made throughout the day.

"This was the best day ever."

"We have been learning all about India and I didn't realise that people who live in India have everything people living in Britain have."

"I have learnt so many new things about India my brain is buzzing."


Indian Experience Indian
India India
India India
Indian India
Indain Indian
Indian Indian
Indian Indian
Indian Indian
Indian Indian
Indian Indian
Indian Indian



Art - Sketching

Over the last few weeks in Y4 we have been researching facts about the famous artist L.S Lowry.  We looked carefully at his painting called 'Coming from the Mill'.  Using view finders, we used our observational skills to study and then sketch a small part of his painting demonstraing  our sketching, shading and colouring skills.  Learning about the specific colours L.S. Lowry used in his painting inspired us to learn more about the colour wheel and the primary, secondary and tertiary colours.  Finally, we designed and coloured our own gallopers to be part of our classroom display. 


English - Roald Dahl Day 2016


September is Roald Dahl's birth month and this year we're marking 100 years since his birth.  As part of this very special day Salisbury class joined the Puffin Vitually Live web stream where we listen to some fascinating facts about Roald Dahl and learnt how to draw Mr Twit with expert advice from Quentin Blake.  


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