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Autumn TERM

Rainforests - Who Lives In A Place Like This?

Welcome back to the Autumn term. Hope you have all had a super summer break.  Our topic this term is 'Rainforests - Who lives in a place like this?'. Please click on the curriculum newsletter below which outlines our learning for this term.

 Autumn Term Curriculum Letter

September 2017 - Art

The class began investigating the skills involved in producing batiq. Today the children learnt about the use of the hot wax and the tjanting tool. Whilst waiting to learn about and try out this new piece of equipment, the class revised their learning on mixing colours with batiq ink on material others thought aabout possible batiq designs and colours in readiness for their final pieces.

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 September 2017 - P.E

New term and new P.E focus. This term the theme is 'Invasion Games' and during this first half term we will be focusing on the skills required within the game of hockey.  In particular, the key skills we will thinking about are: I can move in and out of spaces based on verbal communication; I can change direction and increase speed to avoid an opponent; I can receive, travel and then send an object whilst retaing possession; I can successfully receive and control a ball that is moving directly towards me; I can exploit space by passing, dribbling or running with the ball; I keep possession of a ball (hockey stick).

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 September 2017 - Circle Time

 In circle time we spent time getting to know each other through lots of fun activities. In addition, we did some team building activities and finished with a discussion on the various skills needed to complete the tasks successfully. This was useful as we linked this to our understanding of Growth Mindset and our school values. Great work Team Salisbury.

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