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World Traveller.Com

It's the summer term, and in terms 5 & 6 the topic in year 3 is, “World Traveller.Com” in which the class will be learning about the wider world. They will learn to identify and locate the seven continents and some of the countries within each one, but they will also explore areas of human and physical geography around the world, from population and culture to mountains and rivers. This will be followed by the children finding out about all the different aspects of the interesting and flamboyant country of Spain. They will compare and contrast Spain with the UK, and then find out more about the physical and human geography of the country, including the climate. Children will also find out about how tourism affects Spain.

For more information about the summer term, click on the link below.

Summer Term 2019 Curriculum Letter.

June 2019 - Map Workshop

As part of our topic, Canterbury class, along with Year 4, were visited by a cartographer and Royal Engineer from R.A.F Waddington who shared with the children how they produce maps for military purposes. They went onto investigate Ordnance Survey maps, the symbols used and the location of places.

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May 2019 - P.E  &  Music

The children in Canterbury enjoyed both music and PE sessions this week.

They used the skills learnt the previous weeks, in music, to perform their song “Me Tarzan, you Jane” whilst accompanying the singing with tuned percussion. The children remembered the words and actions  to the song whilst adding percussion to their performance. Everyone had a turn to play the instruments and the resulting performance was very pleasing. The pentatonic scale was the main musical skill as part of our focus on musical pitch. 

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During our session with the Outreach leaders, the class was shown various skills used in cricket, including fielding and striking a ball. Accuracy and attention to the ball were two key points to remember.

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Rotten Romans 

Welcome Back and a very Happy New Year. The Spring term topic in Y3  is Romans in which the class will be learning about the history of The Romans and in particular their legacy. Over the duration of the term, the children will investigate and learn about how the Roman Empire expanded; it’s organisation and structure; entertainment and architecture; how The Romans occupied England and Boudica’s up-rising and finally the legacy they left us.

Spring Term 2019 Curriculum Letter

April 2019 - DT: Aqueduct Construction

In DT, the focus on Roman engineering has continued, learning about aqueducts, how they were built and why they were built. We have constructed our own model aqueducts with the challenge of making a marble (to act as the water),  travel from one side to the other. Our building work has relied on very accurate measuring and cutting work along with lots of team work. Great work Year 3.

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March 2019 - French Breakfast

The children in Year 3, along with the other KS2 classes, took part in a French Breakfast. The children have been practising how to order items such as croissants, bread with either butter, jam or nutella spread plus a drink with a choice of either hot chocolate, milk or water. The class did a fantastic job of holding a two-way conversation with the hosts from the Sleaford Twinning Society.

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March 2019 - The Collection Visit

Year 3, along with Year 4, visited The Collection museum in Lincoln to learn and understand more about The Romans. The classes took part in army training; an archeological dig, to uncover various artefacts; designing Roman jewellery and finally a tour of the museum where the children learnt more about Roman lifestyles.

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February 2019 - Design Technology

Our DT focus this term is Roman Architecture. We have been learning about Roman building design; the types of buildings built by The Romans plus the design of roman towns. Today we looked at the use of columns and had a go at constructing our own building frontage with columns and pediment.

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February 2019 - Roman Mosaics

A few examples of our finished mosaic artwork.

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February 2019 - Our Finished Work On Display


January 2019 - P.E

The focus in P.E is net and wall games. We have been learning skills and tactics linked to the game of badminton.

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January 2019 - Science

In science we have been learning about forces and in particular magnets. Today we learnt about magnetism and carried out an investigation to find out which materials were magnetic and those that weren't.

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January 2019 - Homework

George extended his learning by creating some Roman bread at home.


January 2019 - Collective Worship

Collective Worship was led by Open The Book Society who retold and played out the story and history of the Jewish Passover. Lilly and Sophie were part of the support act in telling the story.

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'All The Fun Of The Fair!'

Welcome back to the start of this academic year. For information relating to our topic this term, please click on the link below.


Autumn Term Curriculum Letter.


October 2018 - Lowry Art

The pupils have been studying the work of the artist LS Lowry, in particular, his work entitled 'Daisy Nook Fair'. A wash, using watercolours, was applied to the paper, creating three different areas: foreground, middle-ground and background. The children practised sketches of characters from Lowry's work using line, tone and form before adding colour.




September 2018 - Competitive Games in PE

Weekly PE sessions outside, with Mr Green, have been experienced by the class. Different skills have been taught and practised, from football, tag rugby and pop lacrosse to netball and cricket. Thank you for the exciting and motivating lessons.



September 2018 - Jeans 4 Genes

Year 3 joined the other KS2 classes for an informative talk from Esther Horton (a specialist in genetics) on the subject of Jeans for Genes day. The class learnt what genes are; how they work; what happens if they don't work properly plus the children were given the opportunity to build their own double helix to show human DNA using Jelly Babies.

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September 2018 - Hindu Workshop

Year 3 enjoyed working with Sunita Patell a practising Hindu and who has spent the day sharing information about her faith. The children learnt some basic Indian vocabulary; created rangoli designs; listened to stories which helped them learn about Hindu Gods as well as having a go at some Bangra dancing in costume!

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September 2018 - Science

In science we are exploring the topic of light. Using our knowledge of mirrors we have constructed a set of periscopes which has helped us to understand how light travels.

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