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Welcome to the Year 3 class page.  As the year progresses, visit our page to find out all the exciting things we are doing! 


Spring Term 2018 

Pre-Historic Britain

Happy New Year and a warm welcome back to the Spring Term. Our topic this term is Pre-historic Britain where the children will learn about life many thousands of years ago. Please click on the link below to access our curriculum letter.

Spring Term Curriculum Letter


January 2018   Hey, Ocarina!

Mrs Moseley began her musical journey this afternoon as the children showed her how to play the Ocarina. They were extremely knowledgeable and had remembered many of the skills from when they last played in Year 2.


1 2 3
4 5 6




January 2018   P.E - Net and Wall Games

Despite the weather, we ventured outside to enjoy a P.E lesson with Mr Pledger from Carre's Grammar School. He introduced us to our new P.E theme of 'Net and Wall Games'. We had to score points by making it impossible for our partner to hit the ball back to us before it had bounced twice. We couldn't use rackets today, just the palms of our hands. Even though we were a little soggy, we had a fantastic lesson and everyone participated throughout!


 2 4
 3  5



January 2018   R.E - Investigating Judaism

As a start to our topic, we decided whether our photographs belonged to the Christian religion or the Jewish religion. There was much discussion and team work to come up with our final selections.


1 2 3
4 5 6



Autumn Term 2017

Rainforests - Who Lives in a Place Like This?

Welcome back to a new school year in Canterbury class.  I hope you all had a lovely summer break.  We are looking forward to some exciting learning and challenges this year!   Our first topic is Rainforests - who lives in a place like this?    Please click on the curriculum newsletter below to find out about our learning for this term.

Autumn Term Newsletter


Topic: Reptile Life Visit

Year 3 had an amazing visit today from Rob and Ellen from AnimalsUK!  They brought in a range of animals from rainforest regions around the world for a real hands on experience.  We learnt a lot about the rainforests and,  in particular, the animals that live there including some really fascinating facts.  The children were introduced to a range of animals including: red footed tortoises called Lucy and Chewy,  a 4m long Burmese python, a tenrec, a tarantula called Charlotte, a bearded dragon, a chameleon and a crocodile called Desmond.  We had a great day and really enjoyed our experience!

Reptile Life Visit Reptile Life Visit Reptile Life Visit
Reptile Life Visit Reptile Life Visit Reptile Life Visit
Reptile Life Visit Reptile Life Visit Reptile Life Visit
Reptile Life Visit Reptile Life Visit Reptile Life Visit

Science: Sound

Our science focus this half term is sound.  We began by investigating what sound is and how sounds are made.  We tried to "see" sound by carrying out some investigations: rice on a drum, elastic bands, rulers and tuning forks in water.  This helped us to see the vibrations being created.

Sound Sound sound
Sound Sound Sound



Den Building

Year 2 and Year 3 had a brilliant afternoon of outdoor learning den building.  They had to work in teams to design and build a den using sticks, piping and sheets and all without any adult help!   All of the teams worked really well together demonstrating some excellent problem solving skills and teamwork and they learnt a lot about building a strong structure to keep out the wind and the rain! 

Den Building Den Building Den Building
Den Building Den Building Den Building
Den Building Den Building Den Building
Den Building Den Building Den Building

Music: Animal Music

In music, we have been learning about beat and pitch.  We investigated how we could represent animal movements using different instruments focusing particularly on how fast the animal was moving (beat) and how low or high they were (pitch). 

Music Music Music
Music   Music

Science: Food Chains

As part of our Science work, we have been learning about food chains.  The children were given a variety of pictures of plants and animals and were challenged to see how many food chains they could make.

Food Chains Food Chains Food Chains
  Food Chains  

Rainforest Homework

Year 3 have produced some excellent home learning this term linked to our topic of rainforests.  We had a huge range of different projects that the children have completed included some creative (and yummy!) cakes.

Rainforest cake Rainforest cake Rainforest cake
1  Rainforest cake  

P.E: Invasion Games

In our last P.E. session this term, we held our interhouse competition which was won by Waddington House.  Well done Waddington team!  However, all of the house teams worked very well and displayed some excellent teamwork.

Multiskills Multiskills Multiskills

Art: Batik

We have now finished our rainforest batik wallhangings and they are amazing!  All of the children in Year 3 have worked very hard to create a beautiful piece of artwork.  Well done!

Batik Batik Batik
Batik Batik Batik
Batik Batik bat

English: Spellings

We have been learning homophones during our spelling sessions over the last couple of weeks.  We had an exciting and fun spelling session playing a homophone board game!

Spellings Spellings Spellings



MacMillan Coffee Morning

We enjoyed a drink and a cake to raise money for MacMillan.

MacMillan Coffee Morning MacMillan Coffee Morning MacMillan Coffee Morning

English: Peer Editing

In Canterbury, we have been spending time learning how to edit our writing using editing stations.  At each station, we focus on a particular skill such as punctuation, spelling or grammar to make our writing even better!

Editing Writing Editing Writing Editing Writing
Editing Writing   Editing Writing

P.E.: Invasion Games

In P.E., we are learning about invasion games and the skills involved.  We have been learning how to pass using a variety of different balls and equipment; how to move with the ball and how to find space to receive the ball.

Invasion Games Invasion Games Invasion Games
Invasion Games Invasion Games Invasion Games

Music: Animal Hasthas

In music, we have been investigating the traditional Indian hand gestures for different animals, called Hasthas.  Hasthas are closely linked to the telling of traditional stories, such as the story of Rama and Sita.  The tradition of telling stories with music and movement goes back hundreds of years.  We had a go at learning some of the hasthas and then tried putting them to music.  It was great fun!

Indian Hasthas Indian Hasthas Indian Hasthas
Indian Hasthas Indian Hasthas Indian Hasthas

Art: Batik

This term in art, we are learning how to use the technique of Batik.  This week, we learnt what Batik is and then we had a go at using the hot wax to create our initial.  We also had a go at investigating the different dyes to see how they could be used on the fabric.  Finally, whilst we were waiting to our turn, we were using our drawing skills to sketch different rainforest animals.

Batik Batik Batik
Batik Batik Batik

Growth Mindset

We have spent some time revisiting Growth Mindset to help us with the challenges we might face in Year 3.  We read the story "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds and discussed what it taught us about having an open (growth) mindset rather than a closed (fixed) mindset.    We then had a go at drawing our own "dot" pictures thinking about what one black dot could be!  In Canterbury class we know that if we have a growth mindset then anything is possible!

Growth Mindset Growth Mindset  Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Growth Mindset  Growth Mindset


We have started the year by revising and learning all about numbers and place value.  We have been reading and writing numbers up to 1000 in words and numerals, taking care with our spellings, and then we have been learning to identify and represent numbers using different representations.  We have worked hard to make sure that we understand the value of each digit.

Place Value Place Value Place Value
Place Value Place Value Place Value


In Canterbury class, we have thought carefully about what we want our classroom to be like this year.  We spent some time looking at different qualities and values and then we chose the ones we want to focus on this year.  We created a beautiful display and we have all signed it to say that we will try our hardest to show these qualities this year.

Class Qualities